In brief

MAKUdigi – digital ground condition analysis for land use planning

Sitowise and Geological Survey of Finland together with 4 pilot cities and The Finnish Transport Agency FTA acquaints with construction conditions of superficial deposits in KIRA-digi funded project called MAKUdigi. The goal is to merge automatically a draft of land use plan and different ground conditions and connect the foundations costs.

Focus is in hard-to-build grounds like clays, peat and steep slopes. This project aims to harmonize these critical features into a geological data model, but also to promote wider use of geological and geotechnical knowledge in land use planning, particularly in the early stage of planning process.

The project ended up to apply a grid based information model, that provides for cost accounting per zoning element when the unit prices of ground modification and types of foundation are known. To be precise, the grid based information model is in this case an equidistant net of points (2 x 2 m) including values of multiple geological features like slope, depth of clay layer, depth of peat layer etc.

To visualize the construction conditions of the ground, a proper classification will be needed. MAKUdigi-project chose a classification that is based on preliminary engineering foundations in different ground conditions. The chosen classification is already used in City of Espoo. To increase its usability our project made some minor changes to it. MAKUdigi-project introduces this classification for other cities to improve their awareness of construction condition, foundation costs and comparison of different sites.

An overlay review with zoning elements and ground conditions makes it possible to very quick compare different plans or changes inside the plan. It is also easy to visualize the different alternatives on a map or on a 3d citymodel. The challenge is to develop and harmonize the land use plans in machine readable format. Municipalities have their plans in varying formats. However, there are ongoing development projects working it out.